Classic Treatment

Classic Treatment

Our facial skin treatments are for customers who are extremely particular about results. La Belle Customized Facial represents a culmination of research and technology of skin analysis, rejuvenation, extraction, corrective cleansing and deep pore treatment, among others. Our packages that promise youthful and a refreshed glow are tailored for all skin types. Whether you have sensitive, oily, dry or damaged skin, we have the skin solution treatments that promise a multi-effect outcome you will be happy with. Our La Belle Customized Facial treatments are also available for Eye & Neck Care as well.

Skin Care Services:


shutterstock_228198607 All Skin Types

La Belle Customized Facial

Youth Skin

Deep Cleansing Facial                    

Youth Natal Infusion Facial    

Pigment & Mature Skin

Micro Peel Treatment            

ECO 2 Treatment                           

Oriental Guasha Treatment          

BDP Treatment                           

Dehydrated Skin

Super Hydrating Facial                 

Luxurious Caviar Facial               

Pure Collagen Facial       

Sensitive Skin & Oily Skin

Purifying Treatment                     

Skin Rejuvenation Solution Trt   

Pure Oxygen Treatment                



EYE CARE                 

Intensive Eye Treatment        

Collagen Eye Treatment

Detox Eye Guasha

Ultimate Eye Treatment

NECK CARE                                     

Lifting Neck Treatment       

Whitening Neck Treatment 


Collagen Lip Treatment